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Toy East is an online toys trading
company that also does retailing,
wholesale and manufacturing.

Odoll uses a patented magnet system
for its modern nesting dolls, which
are great as a gift or display.


VsTank is a micro IR battle tank
series, which offers great battles
and enjoyment.

VsTank*R combines the old features of VsTank and adds a machine gun function and rotational turret as well.

Ebbro is a realistic to-scale diecast
which looks great for display along
with reasonable pricing.

HotWorks Racing features ultra-realisticmodels and customizable parts, for display and collection purposes.
This is our main entrance
We have received quite a few recognitions, and here are a few pictures for show.

This is the e-Commerce Adaption Campaign event in Hong Kong, which we attended.

Steve as the guest speaker at a seminar by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce.

Steve doing a video promotion for eBay.
We have 6 partner factories who produce for our OEM products and projects.

This is one of our partner factory, it has a professional production line and staff.

Our partner factory, with a productionline and professional QC staff (in green)

These are the injection moding machines at our partner's factory.
This is our 8000+ sq. ft. warehouse, most of our items for sale are stored in here.

Our micro battle tanks row and other items further back, over at our warehouse.

Our huge Tomica Regular collection.

This is the micro RC row. It's also in the warehouse.

These are the Iwaver body that we are selling.

Our huge Choro-Q collection !

Our even bigger Tomica collection !

Here are the Kyosho parts that we are selling.

We have a large variety of Kyosho parts for you to choose from.
Here below are pictures of our packing procedures and materials.

These are the boxes we use for shipping.

This is our warehouse. We have many items here that are waiting to be shipped.

Look at how tall our boxes are stacked together !

We use stryofoam to fill up the extra space inside the package, so your item will arrive in good condition.

Our staff records the package into the Hong Kong Post Office package list.
The scale is linked to the postage machine, which prints out the exact postage required to ship a package to our customer.
Here is our office and conference room, where our 20+ staff work in.

This is our office.

This is the conference room.

We have many items for display over at the conference room.
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