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Shipping Policy
Shipping Terms
  • Order will ship out within 3 Working Days after payment was received, except the pre-order item; unclear address/attention or the item was back stocking.
  • All purchased order MUST complete the payment processing within 7 Days. Otherwise the order will be consider cancel and stock will return to store.
  • We will purchase insurance service for the order when ever it is possible, this will protect the customer from damage during shipment. However we can only buy the insurance according to the marked Parcel Value chosen by our customer.
  • If your order was cancelled before payment was received, you might need place order again.
  • If your order has a pre-order item, we do not guarantee that the order will be shipped at the expected date. If you would not like your order to be held by the pre-order item, we recommend splitting the pre-order item in another order to avoid delays.

Local Order by Pick Up
  • Please provide a valid Phone Number for contact and confirmation.
  • We will arrange your order pick up location according to your need.
  • We have a Fixed Service Charge for local pick up order.
    • US$3 for order total Under US$100;
    • US$8 for order total equal or over US$100

Tax and Duties
  • Please select the Parcel Value and Parcel Type in the parcel value section before you submit order. We will mark the parcel according to your request to help avoid the tax or duties.
  • However please be reminded the insurance that we buy for the order will determine by the marked Parcel Value that the buyer has previously requested. This will affect the compensation amount in the case of damage during shipping. Please note that ToyEast would not be responsible for the lost.
  • We are not responsible for any tax or duties in your countries. You may need to pay it at your side. Please contact your local post office or custom office for more detail information.

Trace Item
  • We will send you an e-Mail after your order has been shipped to inform you the Date of Shipment; Expected Arrival Time and the Tracking Number.
  • If you still have not received the parcel after the Expected Arrival Date, Please use the link below to trace the parcel:
  • In The Meantime, please contact your local Post Office with the Tracking Number after the Expected Arrival Date, if you have not received the parcel.
  • Please contact us if the Parcel does not appear after 30 Days. We will contact Hong Kong Post Office to trace the parcel. Normally oversea mail tracking will takes around 30-60 Days to complete the investigation.
  • When the investigation is completed. If the parcel is confirmed to be missing, we will refund the money to you according to the compensation amount given to us from the Post office. Please be reminded that the refunded amount might not be the full payment. However we will present you the Hong Kong Post Office official invoice along with the refunded amount.
  • The compensation check will usually arrived 30 Days after the completion of the investigation, at soon as we have received the compensation and the document we will refund the amount accordingly.

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